Prepare your tournament

What are the different steps of the organisation of a video game competition ? Get ready to take notes, and simply follow the steps with Beyond eSport.

In order to prepare your tournament properly, you need to establish its objectives. The date, the location, the game or the games, the number of participants are the governing principles to the creation of your project. Concerning the date, check that it does not come into conflict with another event. For the others issues, it only is a matter of taste and of resources.

In any case, the first thing you need to do is to list what you already have. Once it is done, choose the article to find the special information you need !

You need to think also about the objectives of your event. Is it aimed at a specific community – retro or hardcore gamer? Do you want the competition to be fun or to be highly competitive? The budget, the communication and others aspects will depend on these choices.

There’s no accounting for taste, each person will have their own preferences, whether it is regarding games or food. You need to listen to their demand, but your tournament still need to have its own identity, for you are the organiser!

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