Find the right game for your competition now

Several types of games are fit for the competitive area, and it is your role to choose the game that will meet your expectations and the expectations of the participants.

Be aware that the game you choose will come with a specific range of hardware, so you need to choose your game carefully considering the PC’s and consoles that you have in stock.

You will find the ideal game for your tournament among the categories listed below:

Keep in mind that your choice regarding the game you want your event to be based on, will have an impact on the people that might be interested in your event.

MOBAs are generally played on computer, therefore you need a solid equipment if you choose to provide the hardware during your competition.

FPS might require some extra screens, while Versus Fighting games will require what we call fight pads or arcade sticks – unique gaming controller for a better experience.

By taking in consideration your financial resources, your expectations and your public, you need to know what game can be played during your competition. Don’t forget to check the PEGI regulations to offer an adapted content to your public.

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