Create a video game competition

Find here our advice to organise a video game-related event easily, on both local and national scale.

Whether your are a private individual, a start-up, a public institution, a company or an association, you will find all the information you need to create and manage your event with no difficulty.

This website is divided into three categories:


Prepare for your event starting by choosing the location and the date of the event such as the game you want to play on, but also by making a budget, finding the appropriate hardware etc..


Without animation – streaming or catering – a video game competition won’t be attractive to visitors and spectators. You can make your competition more attractive by choosing your own unique tournament ladder as well.


Your event is over ? Closing your event is as important as creating it. Make the proper distribution of prices, share the results on social media, keep in touch with your partner and get ready for your next event.

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